Easily Create Consistent Highly Profitable Trades

“How To Get The Top Money-Making Hot Stocks Researched and Picked (In Less Than 5 Minutes) WITHOUT Spending a Dime on Stock Trading Publications!”

  • Eliminate
  • Know How to
    Time Your Trades
  • Harvest
    Your Profits

Do You Struggle With Finding the Right Stocks to Trade?

  • Is dealing with trading platforms complicated?
  • Did your last trade crash? Afraid the next one might?
  • Is it time to give your trading approach a makeover?
  • Are you struggling to figure it all out in time?
  • Do you need a trading approach that actually works?
  • Does timing your trades overwhelm you?

Hi, I’m Pete!

I help part-time traders achieve the clarity and confidence they need to reach their financial dreams.

Here’s my story…

Years ago, after losing $2.7 Million in the stock market, I vowed that I would never make another trade without first figuring out how to not lose money. After all, it’s great to make millions, but what if you lose it? That’s kinda pointless, right? Well, I did figure it all out. Then I started coaching a few students. And guess what? Their results have been AMAZING! While I’d love to teach you all about timing your trades using the Golden Window during earnings season, it all starts with my Hot Stocks Watchlist. And I want to share it with you for free.

You’re probably a lot like me…

You have financial goals you want to achieve faster and more consistently.

You may have heard this before: There are no shortcuts in life. While that’s mostly true, the fastest way to achieve what you want is by learning from those who’ve been where you want to go.

4 Simple Steps

Your Path to Success

Step 1

Get the Watchlist to know where to focus, where you should fish
Start Here

Step 2

Use Trading Tools to maximize your time and work your trades

Step 3

Use Money Stream Software to time your trades

Step 4

Use the Golden Window to profit off your trades

Hot Stocks Trader

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